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  Foundational Principles 

Music is a precious aspect of life. We want to insure that all children can be given the gift of music, in whatever way they choose to explore it.


A life of dignity is the birthright of every human being. In the MUSE community, students, teachers, volunteers and parents are all appreciated as valued and respected members. 


Young people thrive on love, acceptance and positive experiences. All children have limitless possibilities to achieve excellence if given a nurturing environment.


Through a supportive and rigorous music education program, Boulder MUSE students will realize their limitless potential to be successful in all areas of their lives. Through extensive research, music education has been proven to enhance brain development. Academic progress and music study go hand in hand, particularly in the areas of literacy and math. Ultimately it is our hope that belief in themselves will inspire MUSE students to be leaders in their communities and in the world. 


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