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MUSE is happy to be in its 6th year at Columbine, a bilingual elementary in Boulder. The program has grown to include small group instruction for all students on either flute, recorder, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, cello, violin, guitar, recorder and percussion. We have 9 teachers, all of whom are professional musicians. We are happy to report that we have a second program in its second year at University Hill, another bilingual elementary in Boulder. Each program runs two days a week for two hours each day. Every student studies an instrument in a small class with a 6 to 1 student/teacher ratio, and the whole community comes together for  choir for the second half of the afternoon. Our choir sings in several languages, with an emphasis on Spanish. Students work on singing in two-part harmonies and accompanying the choir on percussion and various other instruments. 


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 Boulder MUSE is a 501c3