Tom White-O'Connor is a guitar and blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Jamming with friends led to playing guitar and learning to sing and play almost every James Taylor song. Since then his musical tastes have broadened to include Blues, Reggae, Rock and Folk. He performs solo and with his band called The Tube Sox. Tom is also a songwriter and has a knack for writing heartfelt, humorous songs about life's experiences. He's also a former teacher, loves kids and is excited to be part of the MUSE program!
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Mitra Ghaffari is MUSE's photographer and videographer, and also helps out with social media. Mitra is pursuing an MFA in Social Documentation at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Brenda Herrera-Moreno

has joined MUSE as our Community Consultant.

Brenda brings a deep  understanding of non-profit organizing and cultural responsibility and awareness. She is the founder of (In)visible



Rex Westen has been with MUSE since the beginning. He is our cello teacher but insists on not being paid. Rex is a vital part of MUSE, both as a teacher and as a visionary. We are beyond grateful for his contribution!

Vinnie moved from New Delhi, India, 22 years ago, and has called Boulder home since. With a BS in nutritional science, and data and business analysis from Cornell University, she is a seasoned accounting professional with 20+ years of cross functional experience in bookkeeping, financial analysis, business development and project management. She came on board with Boulder Muse five years ago, and helps keep accounting and budgeting in place for Boulder Muse. When not working, you can find her hiking, biking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains with her family, reading and planning the next vacation.